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• The Mahabharata is one of the greatest & widely acclaimed epics of India. It centers on– the power struggle b/w the two sets of paternal first cousins Kauravas & Pandavas. It is in - depth commentary about not only the warring princes, but also about ethics, statecraft, love & loyalty. The Mahabharata was composed by Shri Krishna Dwaipayana called Sage Vyasa. He was the son of Sage Parashara , & Satyavati, who became the wife of king Shantanu.

• Ved Vyasa, was a literary genius. He is the editor of the four vedas – Rigveda, Samaveda, Yajurveda and Atharvaveda. He witnessed- tragic end of the Kurus, and it occured to him that this story should be written down in form of, a grand narrative. But, he didn't know anyone, who was skilled enough to put down in writing, the greatest epic/Mahakavya as he had envisioned. He found himself puzzled & clueless, so he invoked Lord Brahma – the creator of whole universe. When he appeared, he told him about his problem & asked him for guidance. Lord Brahma suggested him the name of LordGanesha as it is impossible for any human being to perform this daunting task. On Brahma's suggestion , sage Vyasa, requested Lord Ganesha for the same. But, he agreed to him, only on a condition that - "While dictating it to me , you shall not let my pen pause, even for a moment" He was momentarily taken ab —ack but he recovered quickly. Ved Vyasa, too put forth condition that "As per the condition , you will not write down any verse , without understanding it's meaning completely. " As both agreed, to each other's conditions, they began the composition of the Mahabharata – one of the great masterpieces in verse of all times , in history of human mankind.

• The Mahabharata, was originally writen in classic Sanskrit.. It embodies a unique fusion of history, & imagination , which merits comparison ,with a few words in any language composed - since dawn of human civilisation till date. The greatest epic start with description of early king, of the Kuru dynasty.


Episode Episode Name
1 Shantanu accepts Bhishma as his son
2 Bhishma saves Vichitravirya
3 Bhishma defeats King Salva
4 Amba seeks revenge on Bhishma
5 Ambika and Ambalika give birth to boys
6 Parashurama fights with Bhishma
7 Amba gets a rebirth as Shikhandini
8 Bhishma offer marriage proposal for Gandhari
9 Dhritarashtra comes to know about- marriage with Gandhari
10 Shakuni dislikes Gandhari, and Dhritarashtra's marriage
11 Gandhari decide marrying Dhritarashtra
12 Dhritarashtra marries Gandhari
13 Dhritarashtra rejects Gandhari as his wife
14 Vidura wishes Pandu to be King of Hastinapur
15 Pandu becomes the King of Hastinapur
16 Bhishma advices to get Pandu married
17 Kunti gets married to Pandu
18 Vidura welcomes Pandu and Kunti
19 Kunti decides to reveal the truth of her past
20 Pandu informs Kunti about the war
21 Pandu dedicates his win to Dhritarashtra
22 Pandu kills Maharishi Kindam, and, his wife, by mistake
23 Bhishma and Satyavati discuss about Pandu's decision
24 Kunti bears a son from Lord Dharmraj
25 Shakuni tries to console Gandhari
26 Kunti gives birth to Bheem
27 Kunti gives birth to Arjun
28 Bhishma becomes delighted by Karna's chariot driving skills
29 Shakuni lies to Dhritarashtra that the fishermen attacked Duryodhan
30 Bhagirathi blames Satyavati for the downfall of Hastinapur
31 Kunti becomes shocked on seeing Pandu dead
32 Bhishma suggests Shakuni to return to Gandhar
33 Shakuni informs Duryodhan that Pandavaas are his enemies
34 Shakuni provokes Duryodhan against Bhishma
35 Dushyasan and his brothers badmouth about Pandu
36 Drona takes the ball out of the well
37 Duryodhan and Dushyasan plan to kill Bheem
38 Bheem becomes unconscious
39 Kunti becomes delighted on seeing Bheem
40 Bhishma sends Shakuni to Gandhar
41 Yudhishthir and Duryodhan seek Dhritarashtra and Bhishma's blessings
42 Dronacharya teaches Arjun the art of archery
43 Duryodhan provokes Ashwathama against Arjun
44 Eklavya gives his right thumb to Dronacharya as Gurudakshina
45 Arjun rescues Dronacharya from a crocodile
46 Karna starts learning the art of archery from Parashurama
47 Shakuni provokes Ashwathama against Arjun
48 Shakuni pretends to care for Bhishma
49 Duryodhan wins the contest against Nakul and Sahdev
50 Shakuni informs about his plan against Arjun to Duryodhan
51 Duryodhan announces Karna as a King
52 Dhritarashtra announces Karna as a King of Anga
53 Priyamvada requests Kunti not tell the Pandavas about Karna
54 Karna vows to kill Arjun in a battle
55 Arjun raises a weapon against Karna
56 Arjun apologises to Karna
57 Shakuni vows to take revenge on Bhishma
58 Dhritarashtra refuses to send his sons for the war with Drupada
59 Arjun assures Dronacharya that he will avenge his insult
60 Ashwathama informs Duryodhan that Drupada's commander is immortal
61 Drupada imprisons the Kauravas
62 Arjun breaks Drupada's trap and imprisons him
63 Ashwathama is crowned as the King of Panchal
64 Duryodhan demands Dhritarashtra to crown him the king
65 Dhritarashtra decides to crown Yudhishthir, as the King of Hastinapur
66 Yudhishthir becomes the King of Hastinapur
67 Lord Krishna saves Arjun and Subhadra
68 Maharishi Muchukunda's gaze kills Kalyawan
69 Lord Krishna asks Arjun to convey his meassage to Rukmini secretly
70 Rukmi learns about Arjun and asks his soldiers to imprison him
71 Lord Krishna punishes Rukmi
72 Duryodhan wants Dushyala to marry Jayadrath
73 Duryodhan informs Karna about his plan to kill the Pandavas
74 Kunti and the Pandavas leave Hastinapur for Varnavat
75 Vidura learns about Duryodhan's plan of killing the Pandavas and Kunti
76 Kunti and the Pandavas perform the puja in Varnavat
77 Bhishma leaves for Varnavat
78 Arjun learns about the conspiracy against them
79 Arjun decides not to return to Hastinapur
80 The Pandavas dig a tunnel to escape from the burning palace
81 Bhishma finds the burnt weapons of the Pandavas
82 Yaaj and Upyaaj assure Drupad that he will be blessed with a boy
83 Drupad is blessed with a son
84 Draupadi emerges from the holy fire
85 Draupadi befriends Malini
86 The Pandavas enter Hidimba's magical jungle
87 Drupad appoints Dhrishtadyumna as the commander of his army
88 Drupad sends Draupadi to exile
89 Krishna destroys Drupad's army
90 Bheem becomes fascinated on seeing to Hidimbi
91 Krishna enlightens Draupadi about the purpose of her birth
92 Bheem becomes upset on learning that Hidimba is a demon
93 Bheem kills Hidimb
94 Bheem marries Hidimba
95 Hidimba gives birth to a baby boy
96 Vyasa suggests the Pandavas to stay in Kampilya
97 The Pandavas seek shelter in a potter's house
98 Duryodhan throw a bag of coins to Bheem and Arjun
99 Shakuni suggests Karna to win the competition for Duryodhan
100 Shakuni asks Duryodhan to befriend Krishna

Draupadi stops Karna from participating in the competition

102 The Pandavas arrive at the Swayamvara
103 Arjun succeeds in hitting the target
104 Shakuni provokes the kings against Arjun
105 Bhishma asks Vidur to bring the Pandavas to Hastinapur
106 Arjun requests Draupadi to marry his elder brother
107 Draupadi decides to marry the Pandavas
108 Krishna enlightens Drupad
109 Drupad welcomes the Pandavas
110 Draupadi gets married to the Pandavas
111 Duryodhan demands Dhritrashtra to crown him the king
112 The Pandavas and Draupadi seek Drupad's blessings
113 The Pandavas arrive in Hastinapur
114 Vidur tries to persuade Bhishma to forgive the Pandavas
115 Dhritarashtra banishes Pandu's family
116 Dhritarashtra announces death sentence for Arjun
117 Dhritarashtra orders for the Pandavas' arrest
118 Bhishma decides to divide Hastinapur
119 Dhritarashtra apologises to Bhishma
120 Dhritarashtra announces Yudhishthir as the king
121 Kunti instructs her sons to obey Yudhishthir
122 Yudhishthir takes the citizens of Hastinapur with him
123 Yudhishthir informs Arjun that he will have to fight with Lord Indra
124 Arjun sets the jungle on fire
125 Agnidev blesses Arjun with a bow, Gandiv
126 Kunti decides to take Vrushali to Indraprastha
127 Shakuni allows Karna to take Vrushali to Indraprastha
128 Kunti asks Karna to convey her message to the Pandavas
129 Takshak steals the Pandavas' cows
130 Takshak accepts his defeat
131 Shakuni suggests Duryodhan to marry Subhadra
132 Subhadra becomes delighted on meeting Arjun
133 Krishna suggests Subhadra to abduct Arjun
134 Arjun and Subhadra get married
135 Draupadi learns that Arjun has married Subhadra
136 Jarasandh orders for Duryodhan and Shakuni's arrest
137 Karna captures Jarasandh
138 Krishna challenges Jarasandh to defeat Bheem
139 Bheem kills Jarasandh
140 Duryodhan becomes jealous of the Pandavas glory
141 Shishupal opposes to Yudhishtir's decision of worshiping Krishna
142 Krishna kills Shishupal
143 Karna rescues Duryodhan
144 Vidur invites Yudhishthir for a festival
145 The Pandavas reach Hastinapur, along with Draupadi and Kunti
146 Bhishma tells Yudhishthir about the rules of the dice game
147 Duryodhan becomes delighted on wining the first game
148 Yudhishthir wagers Nakul
149 Sahadev stakes himself for Yudhishthir
150 Yudhishthir loses Arjun in the bet

Yudhishthir loses himself in the bet

152 Yudhishthir looses Draupadi in the bet
153 Dushyasan drags Draupadi to the assembly hall
154 Duryodhan decides to disrobe Draupadi
155 Duryodhan instructs Dushyasan to disrobe Draupadi
156 Draupadi decides to curse the Kuru family
157 Dhritarashtra decides to return the Pandavas' kingdom
158 Yudhishthir requests Bheem to burn his hands
159 The Pandavas leave Hastinapur for Vanvas
160 Yudhishthir becomes shocked on seeing his brothers dead
161 Hanuman enlightens Bheem with the knowledge of strength
162 Durvasa instructs Yudhishthir to serve food to him
163 Mahadev blesses Arjun with Pashupatastra
164 Bheem shaves Jayadrath's head
165 Shakuni suspects about the Pandavas whereabouts
166 Keechak misbehaves with Sairandhri
167 Keechak identifies Sairandhri as Draupadi
168 Bheem kills Keechak
169 Brihannala convinces Uttar to fight against the Kuru army
170 Bhishma requests Arjun to cease the fight
171 The Pandavas decide to wage war against the Kauravas
172 Bhishma suggests the Pandavas to wage war
173 Abhimanyu showcases his warrior skills
174 Balaram promises Duryodhan
175 Krishna asks Arjun for his wish
176 Arjun requests Krishna to be with him in the war
177 Draupadi fixes the date for the war
178 Maharshi Jaimini predicts the destruction of the Kuru clan
179 Gandhari asks Duryodhan not to wage war against the Pandavas
180 Draupadi's sons seek her blessings
181 Draupadi decides not to wage the war
182 Dhritarashtra instructs Shakuni to return to Gandhar
183 Dhritarashtra stops Shakuni
184 Vishnu seeks Devaki's permission to reincarnate as her son
185 Vasudev decides to leave the new born baby with his friend
186 Krishna dances on Kaliya's hood
187 Krishna lifts the Govardhan hill
188 Kans invites Krishna and Balaram to Mathura
189 Krishna and Balaram defeat Chanoor and Mushtik
190 Uttara gets married to Abhimanyu
191 The Pandavas send Krishna for the negotiation
192 Krishna suggests Dhritarashtra to return the Pandavas' kingdom to them
193 Duryodhan fails to capture Krishna
194 Duryodhan vows to kill Krishna
195 Karna learns that Kunti is his mother
196 Kunti meets Karna
197 Karna refuses to take the Pandavas' side
198 The armies of the Pandavas and the Kauravas gather in the battlefield
199 Shakuni reads out the rules of the war
200 Shakuni asks Karna to comply with Bhishma
201 Indradev asks Karna for his Kavach and Kundal
202 Karna donates his Kavach and Kundal to Indradev
203 Kunti becomes dejected on seeing Karna suffering from pain
204 Nakul and Sahadev vow to kill Shalya and Shakuni
205 Bhishma forbids Karna from participating in the war
206 Krishna wishes to drive Arjun's chariot
207 Bhishma orders the Pandavas to wage war
208 Krishna enlightens Arjun about dharma
209 Krishna enlightens Arjun about the Gunas
210 Krishna enlightens Arjun about the Karmayoga
211 Krishna enlightens Arjun about the Bhaktiyoga
212 The Pandavas attack on the Kuru army
213 Shakuni asks Duryodhan to kill Yudhishthir
214 Uttar sacrifices his life to protect Yudhishthir
215 The Pandavas decide to avenge Uttar's death
216 Dhrishtadyumna decides to confront Dronacharya
217 Bheem provokes Duryodhan to fight with him
218 Duryodhan and Bheem have a brutal fight
219 Bhishma vows to destroy the Pandavas
220 Bhishma destroys the Pandavas' army
221 Bhishma surrenders to Krishna
222 Shikhandini returns to the battlefield
223 Bhishma apologises to Draupadi
224 Shakuni stabs Shikhandi
225 The Pandavas fight against Bhishma
226 Bhishma rests on a bed of arrows
227 Bhishma asks Arjun to provide support to his head with arrows
228 Duryodhan decides to appoint Karna as the new commander

Karna meets Bhishma


Bheem vows to kill Duryodhan and his brothers​

231 Bheem kills Duryodhan's brothers
232 Karna decides to kill Abhimanyu
233 Karna fails to kill Abhimanyu
234 Dronacharya forms chakravyuha
235 Uttara has conceived
236 Jayadrath confronts the Pandavas
237 Shakuni stabs Abhimanyu
238 Karna stabs Abhimanyu to death
239 Arjun vows to kill Jayadrath
240 Arjun kills Jayadrath
241 Ghatotkacha creates havoc in the Kuru camp
242 Karna uses the divine weapon against Ghatotkacha
243 Krishna tells the Pandavas to kill Ashwathama
244 Bheem kills an elephant, Ashwathama
245 Dhrishtadyumna beheads Dronacharya
246 Duryodhan appoints Karna as the commander of the Kuru army
247 Bheem decides to kill Dushyasan at sunset
248 Draupadi's humiliation is avenged
249 Karna vows to kill Arjun
250 Arjun damages Karna's chariot
251 Karna challenges Arjun to a duel
252 Arjun kills Karna
253 The Pandavas learn that Karna is their brother
254 Duryodhan regrets befriending Karna
255 Gandhari wants to save Duryodhan
256 Krishna ruins Shakuni's dice
257 Balaram confronts Krishna
258 Duryodhan appoints Shalya as the commander of the Kuru army
259 The truth about Duryodhana's body
260 Sahadev kills Shakuni
261 Bheem invites Duryodhan for a duel
262 Bheem cripples Duryodhan
263 Ashwathama kills the Upapandavas and Dhrishtadyumna
264 Ashwathama decides to kill Uttara's unborn baby
265 Ashwathama's Brahmastra damages Uttara's womb
266 Dhritarashtra decides to kill Bheem
267 Gandhari curses Krishna