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Srijit16thmay Srijit16thmay 30 September 2012

Mahabharata: My Views

As an Indian I feel prowd to be the part of a culture that produced the Mahabharata. I've went through quite few translations of various sizes. And is presently looking forward to go through the main text as soon as I have some time in my hand.

I still remember I first read a very childish translation when I was like 6 -7 years old. The story was incomplete, but I fell in love with the story. As I grew I learnt more and more, went through larger and more complete versions, and the love turned in a kind of obsession.

I am strictly a guy who loves speed as far as a book or a car is concerned, so the first thing that came to my mind when I thought how could it be made to look like a better read (I mean really, How many people really read the en…

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